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About Us
20 years of Excellent Service
Thank you for your interest in iBabs Training

With over 20 years experience in the graphics industry, I make it a standard operating procedure to keep abreast of the latest in digital hardware and software for the graphics client.

I am sensitive to your time and budget constraints while providing you assistance in all areas of evolving technologies.

My personal and unique instructional methods have been proven to be a most effective approach to training in our industry.

Why use iBabs Training?
With all the new technology changes, training is often seen as a way to stay on top of things. But who has the time to travel to classes and how can you be sure that they will meet your specific requirements?

I perform a workflow review of your operation and recommend and deliver custom training for your staff right at your location. Some of the benefits of customized on-site training include:

I will work with you to arrange for training that fits your needs and your schedule. We can train as few as one or two individuals or as many as your entire department.

Students will gain hands-on experience while using their own equipment Rather than completing only abstract classroom assignments, your staff will work with real-time company files and in-house projects. They can put what they learn to immediate use, resulting in more error-free work.

When you consider the cost of hiring additional staff or outsourcing projects vs. the benefits of acquiring that knowledge in-house, there is no comparison. And, because the training is taking place on your premises, there are no costly travel expenses.

Technical support is guaranteed for 30 days after course completion. Simply pick up the phone or send an e-mail to reach me and get timely answers to your questions.

“Training in today’s market for the graphics field is no longer a luxury but a necessary part of your operation. Technology changes are rapid, staying current will keep your productivity high. Don’t miss out on the latest advantages call iBabs Training today !!!”

Barbara Press