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iBabs Training is back...

The Training you have come to count on is back in a slightly different format. Online Training Courses are coming your way.

Are you keeping up with your Training?
Is your staff keeping up with the ever changing world of graphics software and technology?
iBabs Computer Training

We can help by providing classroom and on-site customized training to meet your design and publishing needs.

I'm also a Web Developer, Designer, and More

From coding a website, to designing graphics, to automating Adobe InDesign, I like to master all types of things. This diversity has been beneficial to me and my clients in unexpected ways. For example, I learned JavaScript for coding webpages, but was later able to use it to automate Adobe InDesign. I've used it to save time and money for Noble Desktop, as well as create my own add-ons such as Make Book Jacket, Proper Fraction Pro, and Widow Fixer.