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The classroom that comes to you, is Back!


"I've known Babs for almost a decade and I can say she is the best & most professional trainer I've worked with. She embodies a vast knowledge of graphic design tools and workflow optimization. If you are new to computers, you're in the best hands. For those of you graphic design graduates, learning how to improve your personal workflow. She's easy going and you'll feel like you've known her for years."


"Barbara Press trained me in several Adobe programs. She was an expert in the intricacies of the programs as well as how to teach them to a novice. All of her lessons were well planned, creative and practical. Barbara was a joy to learn from and spend time with, was never late or absent, and continues to offer support whenever I need it. She is THE BEST in the business."

     ...Jessica Dunlap

"Babs is a fantastic graphic design instructor! She has the skills, personality, and expertise to get through to every student, from the barely computer literate to the most computer savvy.

Thanks to Babs I was able to develop the skills that helped lead to a successful career in graphic and web design. I highly recommend Babs to any individual or organization looking for training in computer graphics and the Adobe creative suite."

     ...Dan Rapoport

"My Learning Experience with Barbara Press (Sweet Babs)

Being a marketing professional for a large international corporation, I am required to constantly develop and learn of new marketing related applications, which we all know, evolve every day. A major part in that learning process is the graphics part of it. Recently I had to learn the basics of CS2 - the dreaded, yet wonder-creating, complicated Adobe graphics software.

I was fortunate enough to learn Adobe CS from Babs at Bergen Community College in NJ. Lucky me! One would think, what a boring thing to learn, how in the world can a teacher make an Adobe program interesting with the million confusing options Adobe offers? Well, interesting is only one description for Babs' classes. Her ability to make everyone laugh, but yet firmly stress on the things we should learn, was amazing. It was surprising to see that all of us were still getting excited after a long weekend learning day, and still listening to her funny interesting comments. I wish all teachers had her teaching abilities, everyone would be a wiz.

What made it memorable for me? Babs' expert knowledge and love of the subjects she taught - she was contagious. Her enthusiasm, patience with us, and the ability to "engrave" the rules of the subjects into our busy brains, made strong influence on the way I look at new software today - it is NOT as scary as it seems. Being able to do that to students is a gift!

If you need to learn any Adobe designing classes and see her name on the class - DO NOT miss it, you'll be privileged to be Babs' student.
Babs, I am good at what I do, because of you, don't ever give up teaching. In today's world, we need teachers like you. You make it look so easy!

Thank you!"

     ...Sevim Dereli Marketing Communications Manager CB Richard Ellis, Inc.

"Wonderful class. Barbara kept the class very interesting and informative. I got so much more from the class than I expected--Barbara made that happen. I went back to work after each class more confident in Adobe Acrobat. She is a great instructor!"

     ...Maria C.

"An illustrator and designer for Tiffany & Co. for 20 years, my tools were my hands, heart, paint brush and pen. New tools became a necessity to my job and my artistic growth. While not a Luddite, I was petrified of computer graphics believing that I would never understand this new language and that my work and my art would suffer as a consequence. And then there was Babs. There are many teachers who have the technical knowledge and innate understanding of the most current and cutting edge graphic software but there are very few who can pass on that information in such a patient, passionate and comprehensive way. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be a student of Babs as those lessons have become such an integral part of the way I think and the way I work today."

     ...Catherine Chapinn

"Not having taken a continuing education course for some time, I did not know what to expect when I enrolled in Photoshop classes this past fall. But my instructor, Barbara Press, made the experience fun and exciting with an energetic approach and insightful, hands-on exercises. She made me feel confident about taking on graphics work as a career. Thanks Barbara!"

     --Chris Trembath

"Babs has taught me so much about graphics and layout programs in the 6 years we have worked together. She has such a wealth of knowledge - whenever my team had an application or production problem, she was the first person we turned to for answers. She helped develop new workflows that saved us so much time and helped turn tedious tasks into one button fixes.

From her, I gained an in-depth knowledge of the Adobe programs I didn't know well like Flash and Dreamweaver and learned all sorts of tips and tricks for the programs I use everyday like Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I also learned applescripting and GREP that helped me automate the tasks I do over and over. Without her help, I would probably be at work all night!

Besides her expertise in all things technical, Babs is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person who is a joy to work with and learn from. She is patient but challenges you - the best kind of teacher there is."

     ...Ji Eun Lee

"This is the best class I ever took. I would take any class this teacher offered. I cannot believe how much I learned and retained. Babs has an amazing way of getting you to not only learn, but to understand what you are doing, so that it is not a fleeting experience, as so much of my other training has been. Awesome Instructor!!!"

ohn Malloy

I was fortunate to be able to learn and work with Babs for three years while we were at Tiffany & Co. While she was training the department in Adobe and Office programs, she would always be sure to research any additional tips and tricks to cater to the way you would use it in your work setting. She would research and find the best solution if the answer was not a quick fix. As she transitioned in to managing the Studio group, no matter how busy, Babs would always be able to assist in any technical needs in a calm manner. She is very knowledgeable in all print and digital programs. She is friendly and professional to all and is a great asset to any team.

     ...Cara Moris

Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design classes for Print gave the students the graphic skills they could use for immediate home printing projects and sending to professional printers. Loved the classes!

     ...Donna DeVinko

"iBabs Training - what can I say? The experience of having an on-site trainer was so much better than having to travel to an off-site training center for several reasons.
    1.    The flexibility of being able to have the training classes on-site enabled us to accomplish our daily job tasks so that we could focus our attention exclusively on the training.
    2.    By being flexible with the trainer and our schedules enabled us to devote quality time to the project without interruptions.
    3.    We were able to tailor our sessions to fit the needs of our projects.
    4.    We were able to use current projects in our training classes which enabled us to better utilize the class training and use the trainers expertise to answer our questions.

Thank you for everything!"

     ...Your Newest Grad, Cara

Babs is a brilliant teacher. Her ability to maintain a constant atmosphere of ease, while still making sure everyone is learning at a fast  pace is remarkable. Her comments and tips are comical, she is very enthusiastic and optimistic throughout the entire class/course, and the only thing with more patience I've seen is a turtle; It's simply above the charts with Babs! quite easy to follow due to the fact she tries very hard to be precise and clear in her lessons, there is ALWAYS a level of comfortableness with her, she is a very approachable teacher. Aside from all of the aforementioned attributes, she is hands down a professional, amazing knowledge of the craft she teaches with DECADES of experience. I would instantly recommend Babs as a teacher to anyone looking to learn the world of Graphic Design. Babs thanks for being so great, and for being so down to earth; please don't stop teaching ...

     ...Manny A. Ortiz Sr. Client Representative/Direct Mail Marketing Fairlawn, NJ

"I had the privilege of taking two graphic design courses taught by Barbara Press at Bergen Community College. Babs, as she is known by many, is a very enthusiastic, vivacious and talented teacher. She holds your attention and presents the material in such a way that you constantly crave more. When the course is complete, you find yourself signing up for as many of her courses as you can possibly find!"

     ...Holly Bosley Hillsdale, New Jersey

"My experience with Barbara Press as our teacher was very pleasant and informative. She was always very well prepared and had indepth knowledge of all the programs that she taught. Her willingness to help the students in any which way that she could was incredible. I learned a lot while learning with her and infact more than what the course required. Thanks Barbara!"

     ...Appreciatively, Gita Vohra

"I thoroughly enjoyed the courses I took with Barbara Press. I learned a lot and her warm personality, her generosity in sharing with us her broad professional experience, her clear delivery and helpfulness, made everything fun and very memorable."


"I could not just stop at taking one Photoshop or Illustrator class taught by Barbara Press...I took a few. Barbara's expertise came shining through the first day. She kept everyone engaged and there was never a dull moment. Questions were addressed as they came up so everyone proceeded at the same pace. "Babs'" Class readily became a part of my week that I truly looked forward to even after a long day of work!"

     ...Diane Kaltman Senior Designer Packaging & Toys

"Barb is an exceptional instructor. She is a well versed, subject matter expert. She is able to communicate and deliver the curriculum and data in a manner that can be assimilated on numerous levels from beginner to expert. I would highly recommend her at an educational level as well as in a corporate environment."

     ...Lisa, NYC NY

As a former student of Babs Press and commercial artist professional I have to say that her InDesign class was one of the most informative and easy to follow classes that I have ever taken. I have an AAS is Commercial Art and feel her class not only led to real world working knowledge but was both current and applicable to the current and future graphic design industry.

     ...Lauren Hill LNPhoto Art.